07 December 18

Your data speaks, and do you understand their language?

Qlik Sense and Bislink will provide their translation.
See how with Qlik we can analyze data from your CRM, ERP and other systems.

We live in an era when information is everything, and strength and weakness. We at Bislink understand this very well and have focused our efforts on offering only quality CRM solutions for business. Our goal is to build a bridge between technology and business. We use technology to create better human relationships. We try to turn CRM technology into a working business solution that creates a competitive advantage. Customer satisfaction is one of our leading motives. We realized that in order to complete the cycle of our CRM services it is necessary to upgrade with something else or more precisely bi platform.
BI platforms are a very powerful source of information that solves management problems. That's why we included Qlik products in our portfolio.
As a company that has been offering and developing Qlik Sense-based data analytics and visualization applications for several years, we could identify the issues that lead our customers to the solution for implementing the product like this:

  • Need for a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the market picture;
  • Need to analyze the presentation of the sales team;
  • Need for analysis and management of internal processes;

By extracting data from their CRM or ERP system and integrating Qlik Sense with other external sources, we are able to give our customers applications through which to acquire a detailed incision on the processes that interest them.

One of the main cases is a detailed cut in the market, by products, customers, potential customers and competitors. Depending on the field of activity, specifics of work and industry, we create applications that can give a comprehensive view of the market picture. The result is real-time monitoring and analysis of the situation, the ability to make decisions on the go, not after the end of the reporting period and to change strategies.

Secondly, but not more importantly, a place for all companies with sales teams is the desire to track the work and performance of traders. The reports and applications we develop can track various key indicators such as: customer visits, phone calls, target execution, customer-based cuts, potential business opportunities, comparison with past periods, comparison of traders with each other, comparison by region, etc.

Another incentive that leads our customers to the decision to undertake bi product deployment is a better management process. We achieve this by collecting data from different units and providing them in simple and easy-to-use visualizations. This improves collaboration between different departments, optimizes internal business processes, increases operational efficiency. With just a few clicks of the mouse, managers have easy access to all the necessary information to make the right management decisions.

Qlik Sense is a new generation business intelligens solution. It is no coincidence that Gartner declared him eight years in a row as a leader among the data analytics and visualization platforms. Qlik Sense is established as a leading product, innovative and unique in nature model for BI solutions. That's why we chose it to be part of our product portfolio.

If you want to find out how we at Bislink can also reorganize and improve your processes, contact our experts on and +359 899 102 153.

Bislink's mission is to create a bridge between technology and business.
Our motto is:
"The real problem is not whether machines think, but whether men do."

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