Who we are

CRM consulting, Customer Experience and Digital Transformation

We are certified consultants who work alongside companies to design and develop CRM and Customer Experience strategies through agile projects and with the use of the best solutions available to renew the business model through concrete and measurable results.

BizLink team, working in close collaboration with the company, defines the path of Digital Transformation , offering an integrated approach to the management of technologies, processes and people .

We are digital consultants who help automate the processes of marketing, sales and Customer Experience : we start with an in-depth analysis, define business objectives and, finally, we help the company in choosing the most suitable solution.

Who We Are

Why choose us?

As a consulting company we support the continuous improvement of our customers by implementing technological solutions that allow them to meet different needs and to make digital innovation a competitive lever .

We are therefore structured to offer end-to-end solutions, providing both targeted advice to set up a customer-oriented strategy , and to implement the technology that best suits specific needs, making our customer ready to face the future by optimizing business performance .

Innovation , skills and value-added services are the factors that distinguish us.

BizLink has entered into strategic partnerships with the best players in the IT and business market with the aim of offering vertical and integrated solutions for every type of business.

We have changed the way we offer CRM by talking not about just software, but about how to help companies have a better relationship with their customers. That’s the main purpose of CRM.

Our customers have presented their needs and problems to us, we have created customized projects for them.

These are the fruits of our work.