What is CRM?

A CRM project goes far beyond implementing the technology

In our experience, we follow companies (belonging to different sectors: from insurance to automotive, from manufacturing to fintech, from commercial and services to chemical and food & beverage) in the development of 360 ° CRM projects.

For Bizlink this is not just a technical implementation, it is much more.

Each project that we develop is an accompanying path where we support companies in the realization of a “customer-centric” corporate culture and strategy.

We are aware that, when a company decides to implement a solution, the questions that comes are so many, such as:

Which technology to choose among the various ones on the market?
How to best start and manage a successful project?
What are the critical activities that characterize CRM projects? And how to overcome them?
How to keep CRM adoption effective over time?

At BizLink, for more than 15 years, we have been giving absolute priority to the needs of companies (and their present and future business objectives) and the needs of the people who work within them. With this approach, we offer CRM solutions that are able to descend and adapt to the target market and existing business processes.

We care about user training and the spontaneous adoption of CRM (User Adoption) in the company, because it is a determining factor for the success (or failure) of each project. We know well that today a CRM system should not be seen as a simple technology, but as a real business modus operandi that allows – first of all – to optimize relationships with each individual customer by offering them an unprecedented Customer Experience (CX) .

For us, the go-live of the CRM system is not the end of the project. In fact, this continues to develop in parallel with the growth and development of the company, adapting to its changes and constantly supporting its existing or future processes and activities.

The CRM systems we offer:

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