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What is Salesforce?

What is Salesforce? provides everything you need to manage sales, marketing, service – and the entire business.

Salesforce was born in 1999, from the idea of creating a completely cloud-based CRM platform. Today it is the leader in its sector.
It is the most popular cloud ecosystem for businesses in the world.
Thanks to a scalable business model, Salesforce is suitable for companies of various sectors and sizes: the costs of the platform increase in proportion to the number of CRM users.
The Salesforce CRM solution, which is only a part of the entire Customer Success Platform, allows companies to interact in an innovative and effective way with their customers.
The functionalities present within the CRM include tools capable of increasing productivity, helping users in everyday activities.

What are the benefits of cloud-based CRM software?

What are the benefits of cloud-based CRM software?

Faster implementation


Automatic updates

Cost effectiveness

Greater collaboration between the staff

Accessibility from any device



Sales Cloud is the ideal tool for automating, optimizing and managing sales processes.

Improve the performance of your sales force, wherever you are

With sales force you can turn your mobile device into a portable office. You can log calls, respond to leads, work on opportunities, or check dashboards wherever you are.

A true one-to-one relationship with the customer

Keep track of the customer history and collect in real time all the useful information to interact in the best possible way. With salesforce CRM it is much easier to improve and manage every aspect of the sales cycle, based on hard data.

Your sales opportunities with an edge

Take advantage of the potential of Artificial Intelligence to manage sales opportunities: benefit from predictive features, to be applied throughout the customer journey. The next steps will be clearer and more aware.

Social selling, at your fingertips

Get useful information from the most famous social networking sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube) directly from Salesforce, to carry out sales actions in an informed and effective way.




Get to know your customers better with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Participating and interacting in the digital paths of customers, influencing purchasing behaviour: a new challenge for today’s companies. Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides all the tools to improve monitoring of marketing actions carried out.

To each customer his own path

Analytical data on the progress of campaigns and on the behaviour of current and potential customers are crucial to building more effective relationships. By consolidating and segmenting data from CRM, statistics on web controls, feedback from points of sale, it is possible to offer tailor-made multi-channel customer journeys, customized for each type of customer.

Automate campaigns

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can manage users from a single easy-to-use interface, which offers both campaign monitoring tools and a calendar of ongoing marketing actions. Thanks to the campaign automation tools, you can manage different types of content (email, SMS, advertisements, etc.) and their distribution, saving time and resources.

Design and implement measurable actions

Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides powerful tools to measure marketing activities, including ROI tracking; it also provides insights to enrich the sales and service statistics already tracked with Salesforce. Starting from accurate and reliable data on customer activities, it is possible to improve the initiatives designed for all phases of the sales process.

Create social-by-design content

Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you to track and evaluate brand-related conversations, providing analytical data on consumer attitudes. In this way it is possible to create captivating social content, interact with current and potential customers, develop targeted messages, test actions on predefined samples.




Engage your customers at the right time with Service Cloud

To be successful in a scenario where the consumer is overloaded with information of all kinds, companies must know how to converse with their customers in the right way, in the time and in the right place.
Service Cloud unifies web, social and contact center experiences, offering a unified, multi-channel cloud assistance solution.
In this way, the company staff can take care of customers in a collaborative way, improving external relations and containing the costs of assistance processes.

Time is money

Service Cloud is powerful and versatile: it is implemented quickly and offers the same speed of intervention to those who must provide, in the shortest possible time, an answer to customer assistance requests. A customer service above expectations can only increase the level of satisfaction and loyalty.

Troubleshoot on the first call

Thanks to Service Cloud it is possible to increase the resolutions of the issues raised by customers on the first call; all in an accessible way from any place and any device. Staff members can both operate independently and collaborate in solving the requests; moreover, the presence of industry communities offers users the tools to solve any problem in total autonomy.

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