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What is SpiceCRM?

What is SpiceCRM?

SpiceCRM is Open-Source License Customer relationship management (CRM) platform. No user limits, no hidden costs, no lock in.

An easy to use and intuitive User Interface. Responsive. Fast and flexible.
A CRM system that adopts to your organizations needs and grows as you grow.



SpiceCRM bring companies and customers together.



Connect all teams from anywhere with Customer 360 — one integrated CRM platform for marketing, sales, service and project management.



Sales is at the heart of every CRM. Yet sales processes differ widely from opportunity to potential driven. From one shot sales to continuous delivery. From a B2B to B2C focus. SpiceCRM offers support for a wide variety of sales processes but with one common goal – connecting your organization with the customers’ buying process delivering a unique and frictionless customer journey optimizing sales and building the base for long-lasting customer relationships. SpiceCRM integrates seamlessly with your groupware of choice. The built-in Analytics ensure that you and your management are also anytime aware where the business is heading and where you need to focus on to stay on track and achieve your goals.


The system supports the process with features to easily manage all related activities. All contact attempts and all planned activities are visible to the sales teams. So, on the one hand, the sales team is informed about all activities, on the other hand, the customer is not double-called and gets the right information at the right time.

Groupware integration (G-Suite, MS Exchange) ease daily business. CTI integration makes it easy to dial a phone number directly from CRM, log the results as a call and create associated tasks on the fly. ERP Integration (SAP, ProAlpha) will make it possible to store essential data in CRM and provide salespeople with all the facts they need to do their job.

Execution along the process is one part. Equally important is the capability to gain insight and analyze the process. This helps to drive performance in a sales organization but is also the base for proper forecasting. Useful reports support the individual as well as the management.



SpiceCRM supports marketers with smart tools to segment the market, prepare and disseminate messages, plan and execute campaigns as well as nurture and qualify leads preparing them for the handover to sales. Workflows support automated Lead nurturing processes, the integration of landing pages and an integrated Templating tool support the process of making the campaign management fast and effective. Analytics also play a vital role to understand the effectiveness of any funds spent and to also better understand what worked and what did not. They also support all the data in CRM to better form audiences and target the right groups with the right message.

The system is packed with features to support the process. From the campaign definition itself to target lists, email templates and integrated marketing tools. Useful functions for the daily management of the process.

SpiceCRM provides open interfaces to your preferred mailing tool. It perfectly fits in your existing marketing surrounding and supports your campaign process with target-oriented data and clear analysis.

SpiceCRM allows reporting on individuals and teams with drill down capabilities and graphical representation of the results. The reports allow you to compare your campaigns and learn from the different outcomes. Descriptive analysis helps to make your future campaigns even more effective.



SpiceCRM is packed in supporting the service processes. Winning new customers is a long-lasting task. But way more important is to provide outstanding service and keep your customers. Starting from Service Calls and Call Center Support that captures customer events to the best in class Ticketing system and resolution process SpiceCRM offers the proper tools. Handle tickets in queues defining responsibilities in an organization and monitor the response and resolution using clear defined SLAs. Manage service calendars and shifts to balance the load on multiple service teams. If you have assets in the field structure, then using the built-in Service Locations and Equipment will allow you to have a full view of your installed base in the field. Manage warranty claims and if a repair is needed create Service Orders. Dispatch and manage your own or a subcontractor’s service team using the Service Planner. Capture the response and use resources as well as the customer signature for services rendered. And last but not least use the built-in Service Feedbacks to get feedback from your customers on how they see you from the outside in where the NPS is just one of the factors.

Capture action, allocate it to the proper teams, assign it to the installed base and support your sales team with knowledge articles in the built-in installed base. Communicate directly with your customers out of the systems on all channels.

CTI integration for phone calls, automation for incoming email dispatch, ticket cockpit for detailed events history.

Create standard reports on queues, workload and customer satisfaction survey per SMS or email.

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