Power BI (temp Mobile sales)

What is it?

Quicker clients interactions online & offline

No need to hurry back to the office to get feedback, info on products in stock, product documentation, contracts, orders… It’s all there in the palm of your hands, at all times.

Painless data collection

Don’t wait to return to your desk after a long day just to enter your meeting notes – do them AT your meetings, over coffee, in the elevator. Time is money, spend it wisely, and get home faster.

Streamlined lead management

Get to your leads while they’re hot, and keep them that way. Contact and qualify as soon as you get your alerts.

Shortened sales cycle

Reduce turnaround time and close deals faster. Create those orders while finalizing at your meeting, and get things rolling. Eliminate manual data transcript into CRM, reduce human errors, and work on newer opportunities, faster.

Enhanced sales presentations

Charm the pants off your customers with product presentations, swiping through on your tablet. Include animations, videos, and turn that “maybe” to a “where do I sign?”

Higher rates of user adoption

With an easy-to-use interface that’s responsive in design – your team will be happy to use a tool that enhances their productivity on the go and decreases any frustration.

Mobile Sales Ipad

Why Mobile Sales

Give your CRM data a modern look
With fully customizable dashboards, see data that are important to you clearly organized at all times. No more “I am not sure, I’ll check with my colleagues and let you know” or “let me email it to you once I get back to the office”. All is available to you right there and then – when it matters.

Track your business communication
Make calls and send emails directly from the app. Afterwards, save this communication as CRM activities to make sure that you’ll always know what’s been said and done.

Fully Customizable -Tailored to fit your business
Modify the user interface to fit your brand. Add functionality and custom entities. Simply, set everything up to fit your and your team’s everyday needs.



Interactive map
Multimedia support
Call tracking
Contact integration
Inventory list
Barcode & QR scanning
Business card scanning
Electronic signature support
…and many more! Contact our team for the complete feature list